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How to Repair Roof Leaks Based on the Causes

Apr 17

Roof leak repair in South Carolina is best served by roofing firms, and local roofing companies are the best choice. A leaking roof can be stressful for any homeowner since the unfathomable harm that a roof leak might inflict keeps people awake at night. That is the primary reason why people search for a "Roofer near me". A rapid fix for the problem might be quite expensive, which concerns many homeowners as they consider their options.

At Eason Roofing, we've put together a handy guide to help educate customers by tempering expectations and providing useful information. Let's take a look at some common roof leak repairs and how they're handled by a professional roofing company like Eason Roofing.


What Are the Different Types of Roof Leak Repairs?


Nails that have been driven incorrectly

When shingles are installed on a roof, they must be properly put; otherwise, problems will start at the nailhead. It all starts with nails that aren't hammered deep enough into the shingles and decking, or nails that are driven at an angle. As a result, the nail will work its way back up, allowing water to infiltrate the roof structure. The problem can be fixed by lifting the shingle and re-nailing it, with an ice and water cover added to protect the vulnerable area. Any holes left by a nail that missed a rafter will be filled with a sealant applied by a roofing professional to fill any gaps in the roof.


Failure of the Pipe Boot

A boot is a piece of flashing that waterproofs the roof, and it can be made of metal, plastic, or copper, to mention a few materials. Synthetic rubber and neoprene pipe boots are the most prevalent types of footwear that fail. They are vulnerable to UV rays, and once cracked, they become a water entry point. Where the pipe exits your roof, water will cascade down walls throughout the house. To remedy the problem and provide a seal against water leaks, a collar or sleeve is utilized as a patch over the existing damage. The flange — the flat, square flashing that covers the bottom of the pipe – will be encased by the collar or sleeve, which should extend beyond the pipe.


Debris from the Gutters

When debris builds in the gutters that encircle the valleys — a V-shaped angle – water does not flow to the downspouts for appropriate dispersal to the ground for drainage. The water leak occurs at the fascia; when there is no flashing or poorly installed flashing around the flashing board, there will be a leak. The problem will be solved by removing the gutter and installing three pieces of flashing: one behind the channel, one to the roof, and the third beneath the problem valley.


Failure of the Collar Around the Gas Vent

Your gas vent is important for air quality because it prevents carbon monoxide gas from dominating your home. HVAC experts are the ones who install the vents, which keep gas appliances from polluting your home's air. The conventional procedure is to secure the uncapped pipe with a collar and cover the flange; however, heavy rains can force water under the collar, causing a leak. The contractor will lift the collar, apply caulking, and return the collar to its normal position to avoid a roof leak problem. When dealing with these pipes, the roofing contractor must exercise caution because a mistake can result in monoxide poisoning for the home's occupants.


Wear and Tear on Chimneys

Chimneys are an issue because they deteriorate with time and become a source of leaks in a variety of ways. The metal flashing, which is inserted beneath the shingles to seal the area around the chimney, can fail. The chimney's bricks and mortar have corroded, allowing water to leak into the house through the chimney spout. Another site of leakage is where the chimney meets the corner boards, which are constructed of wood and will rot if they are exposed to water leaks. Worst of all, you can't see the damage as it happens, and you don't realize it until it's too late.

The difficulties can be fixed in two ways: the first is by installing new flashing, and the second is by applying masonry repellent to the affected area to form a watertight seal. If the problems are more serious, you will require the services of a professional chimney sweep — a contractor who is licensed to do the type of repair you require to successfully address the issue. In addition, your insurance provider will require that work be performed by a professional with the necessary expertise and experience in order to preserve policy coverage.

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